A Spring Jaunt, Part Deux

So a post a year isn’t that bad right?
Yeah ok.

I went on a walk hoping to catch some of the first buds of spring, but I didn’t have a lot of luck, at least with photos. My dog escaped me, and thank sweet baby jesus I had a much more fit friend with me who caught her as she chased the deer. Without him I would have been doomed.

I’ve focused on using my macro lens. It’s a 90mm Vivitar FD lens that I attach to my Canon DSLR with an adapter. It means I can’t use any of the auto capabilities, but usually that isn’t a problem. It does mean that in the wind the I often misfocus the flowers, so this is the only shot that I liked. I have also been experimenting with using Photoshop Elements 12. I really value having getting exposure right the first time, and my editing skill is extremely limited and I’m trying not to rely on it too much.