A Spring Jaunt, Part Deux

So a post a year isn’t that bad right?
Yeah ok.

I went on a walk hoping to catch some of the first buds of spring, but I didn’t have a lot of luck, at least with photos. My dog escaped me, and thank sweet baby jesus I had a much more fit friend with me who caught her as she chased the deer. Without him I would have been doomed.

I’ve focused on using my macro lens. It’s a 90mm Vivitar FD lens that I attach to my Canon DSLR with an adapter. It means I can’t use any of the auto capabilities, but usually that isn’t a problem. It does mean that in the wind the I often misfocus the flowers, so this is the only shot that I liked. I have also been experimenting with using Photoshop Elements 12. I really value having getting exposure right the first time, and my editing skill is extremely limited and I’m trying not to rely on it too much.



A Spring Jaunt

So, I (incredibly intelligently) left my camera at my grandma’s this Christmas. I had to wait until she came down for graduation (excitement!) to get them back. I won’t lie, those were hard months. I ended up buying a fancy app for my phone (Camera+ which I really truly adore) to make up for some of what I was missing–it’s wasn’t the best salve though.

Today I took my camera with me when I took the dog for a walk. These are some of the results, I thought I’d share!


He was mad at us or, more likely, at my dog and kept chirping at her.


I love all the sparrows and finches around my house (I saw a chickadee the other day!). I have two bird feeders on my balcony for them, and we see all kinds of birds come through. We have a woodpecker family that I’m particularly fond of.


Well that’s me for now. Stressfully getting ready for the end of school. It can’t come fast enough!!


Again with the flowers. Yes. I know.
Flowers and I have a stockholm syndrome relationship, and when I heard that the Gardens near me had 2,000+ tulips…well I got myself out my filth and ran my sore body over there and walked over 3 miles in those garden. Stopping of course to crouch every 30 seconds.
















I dunno. Maybe I should just give up and give in to flowers?

If you want to see more (yes there are more) they can be found at my flickr, linked on the right of my blog post.