A Spring Jaunt, Part Deux

So a post a year isn’t that bad right?
Yeah ok.

I went on a walk hoping to catch some of the first buds of spring, but I didn’t have a lot of luck, at least with photos. My dog escaped me, and thank sweet baby jesus I had a much more fit friend with me who caught her as she chased the deer. Without him I would have been doomed.

I’ve focused on using my macro lens. It’s a 90mm Vivitar FD lens that I attach to my Canon DSLR with an adapter. It means I can’t use any of the auto capabilities, but usually that isn’t a problem. It does mean that in the wind the I often misfocus the flowers, so this is the only shot that I liked. I have also been experimenting with using Photoshop Elements 12. I really value having getting exposure right the first time, and my editing skill is extremely limited and I’m trying not to rely on it too much.




Again with the flowers. Yes. I know.
Flowers and I have a stockholm syndrome relationship, and when I heard that the Gardens near me had 2,000+ tulips…well I got myself out my filth and ran my sore body over there and walked over 3 miles in those garden. Stopping of course to crouch every 30 seconds.
















I dunno. Maybe I should just give up and give in to flowers?

If you want to see more (yes there are more) they can be found at my flickr, linked on the right of my blog post.

Surprise Flowers

So clearly I wasn’t able to keep up with my promise. The daily photo is cancelled, it just hasn’t worked out, I can’t manage it with a job and full course load as well.

The attempt has however taught me what I *can* do, which is a lot more than I thought.

So here are my flower photos, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend who insists that they were “just because,” I know, I’m suspicious too. I’ll get the real reason out of him soon.


This a selection from my flower photos. These are the lilies that I took with my digital camera. Eventually I’ll share the rest, especially the film ones (some of which I’m very proud of) once I get to an Epson scanner.

The film camera I used is one I inherited from my Grandfather, he loved photography, and he gave my mom a replica of his own camera. Now that I’m taking pictures my grandma has given me some of his old equipment. My family has always had one print displayed of his. It’s a water lily, and it’s been hanging in our house as long as I can remember.

I like to think that the inspiration for these photos came from there, but honestly just looking at the flowers is inspiration enough. The petals are heavy and waxy and the interior so yellow and bright.

So many of these were overblown, the light was even because of the cloudy skies, but it did tend to overblow some of my photos. I probably could’ve fixed this if I had taken the camera off auto, but I could barely see my screen and therefore didn’t trust myself in manual.

Here you can see the interior and how heavy the petals are.

I used to think that the dragonfly was a detractor in the image, but I’ve come to like him.

Six Months

Today is six months I have been dating my boy, and today when I came back from a haircut I found these on my bed.

They’re lovely aren’t they?

And off personal topics–want to know what else is lovely? This “Retro Camera” App for my phone. I love it. It does such wonderful things to colours.

I just noticed in the back of the photo you can see t-rex.