A Spring Jaunt

So, I (incredibly intelligently) left my camera at my grandma’s this Christmas. I had to wait until she came down for graduation (excitement!) to get them back. I won’t lie, those were hard months. I ended up buying a fancy app for my phone (Camera+ which I really truly adore) to make up for some of what I was missing–it’s wasn’t the best salve though.

Today I took my camera with me when I took the dog for a walk. These are some of the results, I thought I’d share!


He was mad at us or, more likely, at my dog and kept chirping at her.


I love all the sparrows and finches around my house (I saw a chickadee the other day!). I have two bird feeders on my balcony for them, and we see all kinds of birds come through. We have a woodpecker family that I’m particularly fond of.


Well that’s me for now. Stressfully getting ready for the end of school. It can’t come fast enough!!


Winter 2011

I love this one park near my house, and every winter I go there to take pictures. I love the desolate/apocalyptic feel of it. So, for your viewing pleasure, winter shoot 2011.

There will be a second post with the rest of the photos, but for now it’s pizza time.

Daily Photo: Day One

So here’s the gist: I take a “photo of the day” photo. Maybe I’ll show the lead up or competing photos (today I will) but I won’t always promise that. I will however promise to always post a photo. As an experiment this will first only be October (with Nov.1 added because I’m not starting on the first of the month.

So. Let’s go, eh?

Photo of the Day