A Spring Jaunt

So, I (incredibly intelligently) left my camera at my grandma’s this Christmas. I had to wait until she came down for graduation (excitement!) to get them back. I won’t lie, those were hard months. I ended up buying a fancy app for my phone (Camera+ which I really truly adore) to make up for some of what I was missing–it’s wasn’t the best salve though.

Today I took my camera with me when I took the dog for a walk. These are some of the results, I thought I’d share!


He was mad at us or, more likely, at my dog and kept chirping at her.


I love all the sparrows and finches around my house (I saw a chickadee the other day!). I have two bird feeders on my balcony for them, and we see all kinds of birds come through. We have a woodpecker family that I’m particularly fond of.


Well that’s me for now. Stressfully getting ready for the end of school. It can’t come fast enough!!


Winter 2011

I love this one park near my house, and every winter I go there to take pictures. I love the desolate/apocalyptic feel of it. So, for your viewing pleasure, winter shoot 2011.

There will be a second post with the rest of the photos, but for now it’s pizza time.

Daily Photo: Day One

So here’s the gist: I take a “photo of the day” photo. Maybe I’ll show the lead up or competing photos (today I will) but I won’t always promise that. I will however promise to always post a photo. As an experiment this will first only be October (with Nov.1 added because I’m not starting on the first of the month.

So. Let’s go, eh?

Photo of the Day



My days in photos

This is what I have done for the last week. I have, as you can tell, found a baby robin, stargazed, baked a cake, eaten said cake, found an abandoned boxing ring, despaired at the future of our military, played with tanks, made a second cake (of a higher difficulty), and thunderstorm watched. That’s me.


Oh Mr.Hippo…tell me your dreams

Though they look adorable Hippos are actually very dangerous creatures

A Pygmy Hippo from the Henry-Doorly Zoo, I just want to cuddle him, even though he would probably eat me.


Eventually…you will see the fruits of my labours, until then…


A Goat From the Henry Doorly Zoo, he seemed pretty infatuated with me, the cute guy.