Tri Delta

I made this for my sorority, mostly to use to give as a gift.



So this is a quick informational post. I was trying my best to do daily photos, but honestly from my attempts this week I think the best I can promise is 5 days a week. I have a lot of work, and somedays I just can’t take photos. Maybe I was a bit overzealous.

Lost and Found Lighters

As we walked through our favourite park bf and I found a lost lighter.
Being responsible and mature adults we of course picked it up and threw it away in a safe receptacle so children couldn’t get their hands on it.

Hahahahaha yeah right.

Well okay we didn’t let kids get their hands on it, and that’s the good news. The bad news is that we weren’t responsible adults.

I mean. Free lighter, you can bet the first thing we did is find everything we could to set on fire.

I found a tissue in my pocket. After quickly learning that used ones are basically the anti-fire, I got out a unused one. And since I’m a photo geek, I used my canon to quick take a few images of it. I like how some of them turned out enough to share them with you.

It begins.

It continues.

The Reckoning.

It begins to die out.

I just love the way this looks so much.

The haze was created by the smoke flying into my lens.

Photography Class

Right so. Here they are, what I promised so long ago, scans of my prints from my photography class. They’re not awesome. The prints were not always best quality (hey I’m learning okay?) and somehow my scanner made them look even worse than they did originally. Yay for scanners…x_x.

From my first project which was a scavenger hunt. This is the “Find an Abandoned Place” one. I went to a nearby abandoned mall. In retrospect this has become one of my favourites because of the reflections and all the angles, but at the time it was just a happy mistake. I didn’t even print this one for my final on that project, I waited till I was finding things for my portfolio at the end of the class. If you look closely you can see me reflected in the window.

From the assignment “Interior spaces” this is our guest bedroom. Look how poor the contrast is one this photo–I am so ashamed. I needed more light for one thing, that and the room is entirely light blue and white, which does amount for some of it. I do like the composition now though. My teacher said it reminded her of a “Miniature House.”

This is from our model shoot. we were asked to show something about the human form most people didn’t see. I loved the awkward angles here, and since I was still learning about my camera the shallow focus on her fingers wasn’t exactly intentional it’s still my favourite part of this photo.

Anyway. I accidentally forgot to scan in my gallery image, which is one of my best, and I’ve now sent it off to my grandma. Whoops. I’ll probably be able to scan it eventually. Until then I’ll sign off.