So here’s my vacation pictures! These are only the ones that I took sporadically with my digital camera, because I stupidly left my AE-1 in Michigan along with all it’s film.

No fear! It returns to me next week, and then I will get the film developed. Until then: enjoy. Like always, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment!

With her permission this is a photo of my dear friend, with whom we were staying.

These vertical images feel ENOURMOUS! I guess I’m not used to them.

This was taken from the car, so I *maturely* blame the imperfections on that.

I loved the silhouette’s of the trees.

Same as before.

It had been raining on us for awhile, and then SUDDENLY, we curved around and out of the rain, and wet road reflected the sunset, and it was just breathtaking. I was lucky enough to get three images out before our unique image faded.

And that’s my favourite, that last one!

I finally decided that I want a DSLR. I’ve decided on the Canon T2i (I don’t want to get something so heavy duty I can’t handle it) it just seems like the perfect match for my capabilities (and my estimated experience growth). If you have one, tell me what you’ve heard!