Christmas 2011

Photos from my trip to northern MN.


Surprise Flowers

So clearly I wasn’t able to keep up with my promise. The daily photo is cancelled, it just hasn’t worked out, I can’t manage it with a job and full course load as well.

The attempt has however taught me what I *can* do, which is a lot more than I thought.

So here are my flower photos, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend who insists that they were “just because,” I know, I’m suspicious too. I’ll get the real reason out of him soon.

The Zoo

Alright so I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted last. Y’all don’t even know about my most exciting news!

Yes! All summer I worked like a crazy woman, I had no life whatsoever so I could do two things:
1) Save an inordinate amount for a venture I’ll tell you about later
2)Save whatever wasn’t saved for 1 for a new camera!

I mean, literally for months I researched cameras, trying to find the best camera for me. Note that I wasn’t looking for the *best* camera available. That would have been something like the Canon 7D. I was looking for the best camera for my needs. Finally I settled on the Canon T2i. So far it’s been everything I’ve was hoping for which was a camera that would have
1) all the functions I loved the most from my SLR (controllable aperature and shutter speed)
2) would save me on film (which was beginning to cost a ton) and have high resolution (18 megapixels)
So far it’s done those things. I don’t really like the controllable ISO, I think it makes me lazy, so usually I set it to one ISO and take a ton of pictures on that ISO before switching. I feel like the pictures are overall bluer in some sense. They’re not as warm as the film was to me. However these things are paltry, and I’m sure that as I get used to the camera they’ll stop bothering me so much. The real thing I hate, is the aperatures available on the 18-55mm zoom lens that came standard with the camera. I love working with big wide apertures that have a shallow depth of focus. I didn’t even realize it until I didn’t have it! I don’t really have the money to splurge on a new EF fixed-focal length lens for my T2i, so I’m looking into a couple of contraptions that are supposed to make my FD lenses fit on my EF mount. We’ll see if my contraptions work, I know that I’ll be taking a gamble with them, but I miss my low apertures, 1 and 2.8 in comparison with the zoom lens’s 3.5-5.6.

Anyway! Onto the photos. That big paragraph up there is because I found a couple of blogger’s personal anecdotes very informative, and I hope that I can help someone out the way someone else helped me out. It’s worth noting I didn’t really look outside the Canon brand.

I’ve never been to a zoo (that I remember well) outside of the Henry Doorly Zoo, so going to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita was a total unknown for me. I know that Omaha’s zoo is one of the best in the country, so I wasn’t sure what I would think of the Sedgwick zoo (and I know that I can be a bit of a snot). I found it really fun! It has a completely different appeal than the Henry Doorly Zoo. So much of it is outside, I think the Omaha has waaay more to offer in general, and lots of bigger exhibits (especially indoor ones like the Desert Dome, Jungle, and Aquarium) but the tiger complex at Sedgwick put Omaha to shame! It was clear that Sedgwick was a newer zoo, but I loved it just as much! So here’s some of the nicer photos that I took while there.

OMGOODNESS. Okay so sedgwick lets you feed the giraffes! They give you (for a nominal fee) a bundle of branches and warning “Don’t let them eat it all at once” and then you get to go feed the giraffes! IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I love giraffes and augh this was just so great!

They have these super long tongues that just reach out and totally grab the twig! So dexterous! And then the giraffe just snaps the twig in half and it’s gone in a split second and the the tongue is reaching back out towards you, for the the next twig they know is coming.

This one had definite attitude. I think it was the baby’s Mom. Speaking of which…

This poor thing was chomping on that stem for like 8 minutes. You could tell it wanted to be like all the other giraffes and just hoover it up, but it really didn’t have the ability to yet. It was the most blindingly adorable thing EVER.

Now we move to the otter spam. The otter spam is for my best friend, who loves zee otters. I like them too! And these otters were a riot!

This guy had to have had one of the best jobs in the world, and here he is pouting! The otters were swarming all over him, nuzzling and playing and he sat there with the worst grim look on his face.

Something had to be going terribly wrong for those otters not to cheer him up, I hope everything goes right SadOtterMan.

In the water Otters are unbelievably fast!

They were totally showing off too.

I have so many more pictures of the zoo, and of the otters and giraffes in particular, but these are the best! I hope you’ve enjoyed them.


So here’s my vacation pictures! These are only the ones that I took sporadically with my digital camera, because I stupidly left my AE-1 in Michigan along with all it’s film.

No fear! It returns to me next week, and then I will get the film developed. Until then: enjoy. Like always, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment!

With her permission this is a photo of my dear friend, with whom we were staying.

These vertical images feel ENOURMOUS! I guess I’m not used to them.

This was taken from the car, so I *maturely* blame the imperfections on that.

I loved the silhouette’s of the trees.

Same as before.

It had been raining on us for awhile, and then SUDDENLY, we curved around and out of the rain, and wet road reflected the sunset, and it was just breathtaking. I was lucky enough to get three images out before our unique image faded.

And that’s my favourite, that last one!

I finally decided that I want a DSLR. I’ve decided on the Canon T2i (I don’t want to get something so heavy duty I can’t handle it) it just seems like the perfect match for my capabilities (and my estimated experience growth). If you have one, tell me what you’ve heard!