Four From the Forest

It would seem that only purple flowers were blooming the day I visited, so I’ve only posted one of those pictures to avoid making people sick of them.

whoo pretty flowers.

And weeds. I think weeds are pretty.

Mushrooms! I was so excited when I saw these. I wonder if they’re edible? Who knows, the most I know about mushrooms is that the small mushroom that grow around cow patties if smoked (or eaten or something) are hallucinogenic. I haven’t tried this, believe it or not it was something my history teacher in middle school taught me.

Whooo big Mushroom!

Today my family and I went out to dinner, the first restaurant we went to kindly told us that they had no food. Haha poor guy, what a job, turning people away from his establishment. So we went to Applebees. Jimmy got angry because I made him Mozerella’s sticks which apparently what his girlfriend always makes him get. SUCK IT UP JIMMY.

I think I’ll go play Halo with Jimmers.


Flowers from the Zoo. Underwater ones are the best.

Somehow all these flowers make me think of is “Princess Monoke.” This was from a trip to the zoo, my friend and I spent half of our time putting together photos and taking pictures than we did looking at animals. For instance we must have spent 15 minutes alone just taking pictures of these…underwater plants that are pretty? I don’t know there names. Plaques hardly ever describe what is in a tank other than the animals though, so I refuse to be blamed. Anyway, I’m sure this must seem a departure from my previous posts, but I’m still trying to find a purpose for this blog that I was made to get. So this is what I shall do. I shall now Post picture. Welcome to my picture blog.