So winter finally came. We got some of the first snowfall we’ve had in ages.
It’s only around 6-8inches, but since the power went out and snowplows were surprisingly absent and it felt like the end of existence.

I mean. I was wearing two pairs of pants. That’s just wrong. It wasn’t terribly cold out though, only around 30 degrees, so I ran outside in my boots and double layer pants and the dog and I went out and took pictures.

The dog begins surveying his kindgom. Though usually fond of snow he seems to be pretty unsure this time. Maybe because it's been so long since we've had it.

This is what the outside looked like from my door.

Now we're both hiding under the porch, I for the sake of my camera and he because he's getting wet, and, being a cat, he hates that.

The snow was threatening to take down our trees

He's so sad and pathetic.

I love the ice, if I had been industrious I would have pulled out my nice macro lens, but I was lazy instead.

Ice on my neighbors trees

Finally, our spruce trees.


Winter 2011

I love this one park near my house, and every winter I go there to take pictures. I love the desolate/apocalyptic feel of it. So, for your viewing pleasure, winter shoot 2011.

There will be a second post with the rest of the photos, but for now it’s pizza time.

A Forest with a Dog


I just took my dog to explore Swanson “Forest” it’s really just a little woods, but it’s fun none the less. He had alot of fun sniffing deer poop and whatever else fascinates him. I let him run around with out his leash since we seemed to be alone. I’m sure the pics of the forest will be up soon, but as I set out to take pictures of the fauna I ended up taking a shitton of pictures of my dog. Usually he is camera shy so these are some of the first real pictures of him for my family. He’s our poor poor stupid baby, and we couldn’t love him more.

I went to my high school’s (I just got done with my first year of college) Pop’s Concert. It was strange to see how much had changed, and it makes me wonder if I changed of if the school did. It seems smaller for one, and everybody is so much older, the Band has changed so much, the kiddies I brought up are now the leaders, it’s so weird. I went with an old friend though, and it was funny that even though we changed so much (I feel anyway) we still get along so well. We danced to the “Time Warp” when the Chorus Sang it–my brother beside me nearly died of embarrassment “Get down Elizabeth Get DOWN!” I could feel the heat of his red cheeks hahaha–and told dead baby jokes after the show. Then we talked with old teachers and ended up singing “In the Jungle the Lion Sleeps” at the top of our lungs with people we don’t even know. It was hilarious. What an awesome way to start my summer.

Remember:…~”It’s just a jump to the left”~…