Again with the flowers. Yes. I know.
Flowers and I have a stockholm syndrome relationship, and when I heard that the Gardens near me had 2,000+ tulips…well I got myself out my filth and ran my sore body over there and walked over 3 miles in those garden. Stopping of course to crouch every 30 seconds.
















I dunno. Maybe I should just give up and give in to flowers?

If you want to see more (yes there are more) they can be found at my flickr, linked on the right of my blog post.


Tri Delta

I made this for my sorority, mostly to use to give as a gift.


So today I’m trying an experiment. I just got a flickr for the first time, I’m SJ Wagner. This will be the first time I’ve posted my photos using a url instead of directly uploading them, and we’ll see how it goes.

Limes are cool...
Green onion left overs



Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I know these aren’t the best photos I’ve ever taken (for instance the limes are awfully dim and the stir fry picture makes me wince for reasons I’m not entirely sure about yet). But I’m comitted to getting better and the only way is to practice.

I have some snow pictures that I’m not sure I want to share yet, we had the most beautiful crystals, but I had so many problems with focus that I’m not sure I actually like any of them, if only there was somewhere to take their photos where they wouldn’t instantly melt.

Snowifying my Camera

The problem, of course, with taking pictures while it’s snowing is snow gets all over your cameras body. I’m rather attached to my camera, given the blood sweat and tears I gave for it.

So what’s a girl to do when they want to take snow pictures?


So  here’s my camera (in from the snow) I’ve zippered around the ends of the straps and cut small hole for the lens in the front. The lens is just about the least vulnerable part, but I’m still careful to keep it from getting too wet.

The problems is though, that you can’t look through the viewfinder very well, so you kind of have to know what you’re looking for, and accept a blurry image that will help you get the composition right. If you need to do a lot of adjusting then this isn’t going to work as well.
Still, it’s a pretty cheap quick fix if all you have is a Freezer bag and scissors.


So winter finally came. We got some of the first snowfall we’ve had in ages.
It’s only around 6-8inches, but since the power went out and snowplows were surprisingly absent and it felt like the end of existence.

I mean. I was wearing two pairs of pants. That’s just wrong. It wasn’t terribly cold out though, only around 30 degrees, so I ran outside in my boots and double layer pants and the dog and I went out and took pictures.

The dog begins surveying his kindgom. Though usually fond of snow he seems to be pretty unsure this time. Maybe because it's been so long since we've had it.

This is what the outside looked like from my door.

Now we're both hiding under the porch, I for the sake of my camera and he because he's getting wet, and, being a cat, he hates that.

The snow was threatening to take down our trees

He's so sad and pathetic.

I love the ice, if I had been industrious I would have pulled out my nice macro lens, but I was lazy instead.

Ice on my neighbors trees

Finally, our spruce trees.