Meknes is one of the imperial cities of Morocco, and was certainly magnificent. It houses the only imperial palace I saw, and is an ancient inherited residence from Moroccans Kings of Old. We only spent a few hours in the city while on our way to Fez, another Imperial city, but it was certainly memborable. At this stop we got to see one of the two Mosques we could visit in Morocco (the rest being forbidden to non-muslims).


Into the distance

The interior of an ancient graniery that was intended as an imperial storehouse in case of seige, it held over 5 years worth of food. The subjects were obligated to give tribute to the graniery it held livestock, had a large cistern, and held other necessary items as well as grain.

It used to house a 50,000 horses

The imperial stables held more than 50,000 horses. The King who established Mekes was an accomplished and obsessive horseman, and he built an enourmous complex to enable his habit.

A broom at the door

A mosque that is surprisingly all in yellow, it is one of the few mosques that allow non-muslims in Morocco. It still hosts prayer everyday, but is not as attended as other, more pesdestrian mosques. Incredibly beautitiful it was built by one of the Kings of Morocco-Moulay Ismail- as his imperial mosque. It is said that any one who builds a mosque in this world inherits a palace in Heaven. Of course, no King would say that this was on his mind when he built it.

Several Kings of Morocco are buried in this mosque, as well as other “Sidis” (the equivalent of “Mr.” or “Sir”) a moniker for minor saints.

Into the Courtyard


A fountain for ablutions, one of the requirements muslims must do before they pray.

 Up next is Fez! My favorite place!


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