Rabat Part 1

So my group was based in Rabat for the first week and half or so. I enjoyed it a lot, especially my host family and Moroccan friends that we met through an exchange program.

I’m including a selection of photos and their descriptions here.

Boats between Rabat and Sale

A Brightly Colored small boat that would ferry you (for a fee across the Bou Regreg)

Hassan Minaret

The Hassan Minaret, which was left unfinished (along with its Mosque) when Rabat was struck by a earthquake. It was originally supposed to be twice it the current size.

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum, built beside the ruins of the Hassan Minaret on the grounds of an ancient mosque. It houses the bodies of the uncle, father, and grandfather of the current king.


A Guard at the Masouleum.



A fountain for the Mosque portion of the Mausoleum.

More Dome

The Stained glass dome on the from the inside of the Mausoleum.


The Oudaya section of Rabat which lies within the old Kasbah walls of Rabat. The section lies on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic. All of the bulidings are painted white and blue, like many mediterranean towns.

Through an Ancient Gate

I loved how the ancient city had been changed to accommodate new needs. Just the juxtaposition of cars driving through an ancient wall.

I feel like I have so much to say about Rabat, but don’t know how to. I learned so much and made so many friends. We made friends with some Moroccan University students, stayed with families in the Medina of Rabat (which was lovely but also stressful). Imay updates this entry later with a greater description of my time there, but for now I’ll let the pictures speak.


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