Flowers from Film

Well here they are, some of my favourite examples from my slr project in the flower gardens. What I’m beginning to be frustrated with is the price of development and printing, and the fact that scanning them infrequently gives me the image I desire.
None of these images is as clear or crisp as they are in the original print, despite seeking out a more quality scanner.
~le sigh~

Still on the most part I’m proud of these photos, and you should tell me what you think, how I could improve them. In the interest of the freedom of information I use a Canon AE-1 with a 90mm Vivitar macro lens.

This photo has an almost I identical brother, and I had a hard time deciding which to choose. This one has better focus and light, but it is stale and has less movement, it looks more staged. I’m trying to crop/edit my images as little as possible, I don’t want to use it as a crutch (also I have very little editing software…soooo….).

Right now I’m trying not to remember that I am the millionth person posting flower pictures. Oh well. I noticed this time that the sharpness of my own images is frustrating, my 4×6 prints are CRISP and the focus is SHARP. The scanner has blown either blown my sharpness or I’m more demanding than I used to be.  I’m also posting random unrelated comments between each photo. I should say something about them, shouldn’t I now?

These top photos were all taken at my Universtiy in the Spring. I accidentally exposed my ISO200 film with my camera set at ISO400, which means (because ISO400 is 2x more sensitive to light than ISO200) that all my shots were technically “underexposed” because my camera was not metering for the correct exposure. The good thing this unexpectedly did for me (as I now understand because I have read almost entirely through an SLR book written in the 1990’s which has helped me understand a lot of my camera functions better) was that it 1)captured more detail 2)saved me from the danger of overexposure. The below photos were taken in a trek through a woods. I only liked about 4/48 exposures. Which is the danger of film really, no instant replay, you can’t always know when you’re doing something right.

…and apparently this is the only one I scanned! Whoops! The next set is from a gardens in my city that my best friend was obliging enough to accompany me to, even though she had very little time with her family. The first five are images of kaneko sculptures.

And now for my two favourite. The last is my utter favourite, but the former is the one that I was trying to get. The second was simply a happy accident, even though I like it better.


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