Gallery Image

This was the gallery image I mentioned awhile ago. Hope you enjoy it.

Finals are killing me x_x

Mostly this image was taken to study the different textures and gradients. Oh, it was taken to celebrate my acquiring  a macro lens too.  (I just tried to spell “celebrate” as “selebrate” I think I’m going to take a nap, I can’t write a paper like that.)

EDIT: I just noticed how awesome this image looks (scanned on my libraries epson photo perfection blah blah blah) compared to the previous scans on my parent’s all-in-one Brother Printer-Scanner. I guess I bumped up the dpi (300-600) but I wonder if that’s the only thing that made a difference. It may be worth it to come in here all the time if it’s because of the brand of scanner. Hello summer library scanner trips. Tell me if you think it was the epson vs. brother or if it was the 300 dpi vs. 600 dpi.


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