My Canon AE-1

I have my Mother’s old AE-1 and this is the first batch of pictures I’ve taken with it. I truly love that camera-even though I need more lenses.

These are the best from that first roll, scanned into the computer.

This was a weird Double Exposure but I just love the effect I got. You can see my friend taking a picture, and the background you see there is the Old Market of Omaha.

An old water bottle left on the shores of Lake Superior. I like how it played with the light and shadows.

Whoa. Haha I caught this right as he made her laugh, I like it better than the one we set up because it’s so them.

Sorry I haven’t posted very often, but life is life eh? And I haven’t been off work in ages. I’ll try to post more stuff sooner, I may make comics–a friend of mine has been bugging me to scan in some of my doodles. Maybe I will try it, maybe I won’t.


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