My days in photos.

This was my creation, done with highligher (sharpie) and it comes up really nicely with a small blacklight flashlight.

While the above picture was my creation, this is her boyfriend’s. For the love of all that is cute they sometime make me want to hurl they are so adorable. That ring there is a gift he gave to her at the beginning of the summer. I guess it symbolizes that even though they are far away they’ll keep…erm. I dunno fill it in yourself. It’s a very cute thing though.

The opening knell of the volcano. You can already tell it is going to be amazing, but 2000 lbs of thermite reaction could not NOT be.

Mmmm poor Burney there.

And that was the end of the initial mushroom.

Stairs in a creepy old cheese factory that abandoned long ago.

Mmmm seagulls take the castle over.


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