Four From the Forest

It would seem that only purple flowers were blooming the day I visited, so I’ve only posted one of those pictures to avoid making people sick of them.

whoo pretty flowers.

And weeds. I think weeds are pretty.

Mushrooms! I was so excited when I saw these. I wonder if they’re edible? Who knows, the most I know about mushrooms is that the small mushroom that grow around cow patties if smoked (or eaten or something) are hallucinogenic. I haven’t tried this, believe it or not it was something my history teacher in middle school taught me.

Whooo big Mushroom!

Today my family and I went out to dinner, the first restaurant we went to kindly told us that they had no food. Haha poor guy, what a job, turning people away from his establishment. So we went to Applebees. Jimmy got angry because I made him Mozerella’s sticks which apparently what his girlfriend always makes him get. SUCK IT UP JIMMY.

I think I’ll go play Halo with Jimmers.


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