Taken from above, a flower I found while walking my dog.

So life has been going fine. Finally done with finals and the like and I’m enjoying life (so far about 5 hours) without stress. Soon it will be putting my room back together–my mum painted it while I was away–and going to the zoo to try to find out when I’m going to be working again. I really really don’t want to work at the zoo (I work admissions) because half the people believe our zoo should be free (non-profit doesn’t mean free) and the other half apparently think they shoud be allowed to bring guns into the zoo (my total count of people who have attempted is actually only 2, but I want to know what dumbass actually thinks that it is ok…especially when we have endangered animals). Not to mention the number of people who will try to get in on an expired membership. Oh the joys. Oh and Narcissus (my personal nemesis) the peacock. I wonder if he’ll be back this summer…

I really do love to visit our zoo though, I just HATE working at it.

I’m gonna go play video games now. Au Revoir.


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